About Rent-All Store

It all started in 1954 with the growing popularity of gasoline-powered lawnmowers. They were new to the consumer market and still very expensive to purchase. Our founder, Air Force veteran Dan Rardin saw an opportunity. He moved to Chattanooga, TN with his wife and used his savings to purchase several lawn mowers and to lease a storefront on Main Street. He named his new business United Rent-Alls, and Dan begin to rent the mowers out to people saving them an incredible amount of time and effort over traditional mowers. After several years in business, he changed the name to Rent-All Store in the late ’50s.

While the demand for lawnmowers continued to grow, he expanded his inventory to include more equipment and purchased several tables and chairs for weddings and special events. After outgrowing his original location, Dan purchased a building on Dodds Avenue in 1967 where Rent-All Store has called home ever since. In 1999, Rent-All expanded its footprint once again by purchasing an adjacent building which more than doubled its size to over 20,000sqft of indoor space. Today, the store is owned by Dan’s family members who continue his legacy of saving customers time and money by providing quality reliable equipment.

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