REAL customer testimonials
about the Rent-All Store
and our products:

"I wanted to come in here personally and thank your staff for a wonderful job they did with my event!"

"Rent-All Store provided me with
all the information, helped me
choose my wedding items, and
worked with my time schedule!
I felt so relieved that I could
focus on my wedding!

"You all were such a good help
with my wedding that I had to
come back when I helped plan
my friends wedding! The best
part is, we're saving money!

Rent-All Store was founded in 1954
in Chattanooga, Tennessee by a small business man
named Dan Rardin. The purpose of renting equipment
vs. buying is to help people like you save money.

We have been helping individuals and companies
with their party, wedding, and even construction needs for 53 years
We only purchase the highest-quality equipment available on the market!
An entrepreneur with only 4 tables and 100 chairs
started renting equipment in Chattanooga, Tennessee
during 1954, now we offer service for more than 1,000.

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